1. Submitting the requested reservation and receipt of the confirmation creates a binding contract between AHA Tours and you, the passenger.
  2. AHA Tours reserves the right to refuse service or to discontinue services at any time to any individual specifically or passenger group entirely for any reason.
  3. It is the responsibility of each passenger to conduct themselves in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others, and which does not damage the property of AHA Tours.
  4. Passengers shall ensure they are not disrespectful, aggressive, intoxicated or under the influence of substances, or will be subject to immediate expulsion or cancellation of services.
  5. AHA Tours does not promise, guarantee, represent or warrant condition, form, quality, dependability, timeliness, or availability of any services offered, and by engaging in AHA Tours services, you are acknowledging and agreeing to not hold AHA Tours responsible for any failures, interruptions to, or issues with its services.
  6. You are acknowledging and agreeing to indemnify AHA Tours and to not hold AHA Tours responsible or otherwise liable for any claims, losses, expenses, fees both legal and otherwise, which are incurred as a result of or in connection with your use of AHA Tours services.